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Our Mental Math-Abacus program that boosts brainpower in children aged 4-13. Along with strengthening math skills, this approach promotes whole brain development and establishes foundational building blocks like memory, concentration, creativity and problem solving – core skills that inspire greater confidence and success in all subject areas and in life. The program equips them with the skills they need to improve overall academic achievement and to confidently meet life's challenges and achieve greatness.

Plus, our exciting classes and energetic instructors ensure that our students have fun as they learn!

ACT Prep

A child’s brain is primed for learning and its development holds the key to their future. At the Illinois math academy, we know that the healthy brain development in the childhood provides the foundation for educational achievement, confidence and future success in life. We provide multiple tools for the children to grow and succeed in whatever they choose to do.

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Lego Robotics

These programs will offer more to students and give them a great opportunity to pursue a career in science and technology. Getting them involved in science and technology, children can be turned into lifelong learners that can give them a leg up in most any environment or situation. Involvement in science and technology will open many doors to our children’s futures.

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Mental Math

The program uses an ancient tool called an abacus to teach kids ages 5 to 13 how to do math visually. The reason they use a visual approach is that a child's brain can visualize faster than it can just recall from memory. Seeing the beads of an abacus and doing the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division allows a child to see and understand math easily.

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